Best-Selling Book Available on Kindle for Free Today!

Dear Readers,

Do you read a Kindle or know someone that does?

Well, today you can download Tumorous Hesticles: Just Say Cancer for free onto your Kindle devices!

You have until midnight tonight (Wednesday 5th March) to download the book into your Kindle Library for the grand price of £0.00. That price in dollars converts to US currency as $0.00.

For a short clip from the audiobook and everyone’s favourite chapter, chapter 14 then click the video here.

Send this 24 hour offer to your Kindle loving friends. Send it in the group chat, post it to social media, spread the word and shout it from the rooftops.

With the free offer, we are also climbing up the Kindle charts and getting more visibility. So far we are up to number 5 in the charts for Kindle Books on Mental Health.

Book on Testicular Cancer rises in the charts on Amazon

You can also enjoy Tumorous Hesticles: Just Say Cancer on paperback, hardback and audiobook.

Send the image and link to a friend today!

The number one book on cancer and testicular cancer – Tumorous Hesticles Just Say Cancer by Af Marseh

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